Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Portfolio Progress & Worst-page Weirdness

This week I have added a connection with a MySQL database to my portfolio page using PHP. The message on the main page, as well as the links in the left sidebar are requested from the database behind the scenes. I have also added the first assignment for "Programming for Creative Technology" to the portfolio.

What I plan to achieve in the end is a homepage, with a word of welcome, some information about myself, and the most recent assignments, and next to that a page per subject. In the end I also want to make a search function for the website, so users can easily find my work. Another thing I'd like to add is an editor to upload my work in an easy way.

Next to the portfolio, we also have to create a "worst page" for Web Technology, and I have started with that assignment this week.So far, I have made a page with ugly colours (plain yellow and red), that generates a set of pop-ups, but I don't think it is presentable yet. As soon as I have something presentable I will update this blog to show off the "worst page" in all its atrociousness.

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