Friday, October 8, 2010

Long time no see...

I have not updated my blog in more than a week, because last week was an extraordinarily busy one, due to the fact that our first set of courses were coming to an end, thus resulting in a lot of final assignments that had to be done. Firstly, we had to write an advice on a(n imaginary) project called VECAP, as well as give a presentation this, for the course "Introduction to Computer Science". Secondly, the teacher of Graphic Design wanted us to present our final design for the promotional postcard today, and we also had to correct all the previous assignments we have done for Graphic Design. The final assignment for We Create Identity was to present a Ximpel proof of concept, to show that we know how to make the user-input part of the interactive video. Sometime this weekend next week I will write some posts about the assignments in more detail.

Update:How could I forget this part! This week, most of the peer reviews were handed in, so I got some compliments on my work as well as some tips for improvement. One tip was to put more visual content on my blog. Let's start with a nice music video to help you relax after this stressful week: George Benson with "Affirmation". Enjoy!