Thursday, September 2, 2010

The start to Introduction to Computer Science

Today we had 4 hours of Introduction to Computer Science. The lecture consisted of 3 parts: a part about networks, a part about in which ways the internet can be used and a part about the basics of the internet.

In the first part we have learned that networks, however different they may be from each other, always consist out of 2 things: nodes, which receive the product that is sent over the network, and the thing that is sent over the network. The nodes might be machines, companies or people, and the thing that is sent over the network might be information, goods or money.

In the second part it became apparent that the internet can be used in various ways, but most applications require a model with a server/database and a viewer. Web 2.0 added user interaction to this model, so the user is not only a passive viewer but actively contributes to the website he or she is viewing. Furthermore, we have seen more intuitive / more creative uses of the internet, such as the Internet Furby, a Furby doll which can be controlled via the internet.

Lastly we got a basic explanation about how the internet actually works. This was later demonstrated by a video from a German TV programme.

I found it intriguing and exciting to see how the internet can be used in a more user-centric and intuitive way and think we are now only scratching the surface of how internet can be used in a way that really feels natural.

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