Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You can all go after you have created your wiki page...

Today the only course was Introduction to Computer Science. The lesson was more of an introduction to the course than the start of the actual course itself, though. We were first told what to expect of the course. The course aims to get students familiar with how a computer works. It starts at computer networks and goes gradually to gate level. This overview of computers is provided to give us a framework for when we start programming later on this year.

Our assignment for today was to create a wikipage with some information about yourself. Since this isn't a very hard task, I expected to get some more information about the course or the first lesson of the course after we had finished the assignment. Instead, the teacher told us that when you had finished your wikipage, you could leave. Some students weren't all that happy that they had come to the university just to create a wikipage, because some students haven't found a room yet and have to travel quite a while to get to the university.

Tomorrow we have 4 hours of Introduction to Computer Science, so I expect the actual course to start then.

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