Monday, September 6, 2010

Workflow Taxonomy

Due to a weekend that was packed with events I was not able to update my blog until today, so my apologies for that. Let me start with what we did this Friday for Introduction to Computer Science: we learned about "workflow taxonomy".

In a workflow taxonomy you break down a certain workflow in the following categories: order, recipe, recipe step, process, processing step, object, instrument and service (See the create wiki). You can use this to carefully study complex workflows.

First, we went trough the example step by step, so that we got a good grasp of what exactly a workflow taxonomy is. Secondly, we were asked to create our own workflow taxonomy for a different workflow, and we had to put those examples on the wiki afterwards. I made a workflow taxonomy for a cleaning company, as you can see here.

After a few of us had presented their own taxonomy workflow, we had to construct the workflow taxonomy for fetching a webpage with the whole class. I experienced that, while I have quite a good grasp of how this works, it is difficult to break the process down step by step for a workflow taxonomy, because you have to know the process inside-out and you also have to be aware of what the role of each component in the workflow is. Luckily, most of us participated enthusiastically, so we finished the taxonomy in no time, after which it was time for our weekend break!

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