Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Alive!

For those of you wondering why there have been no updates for almost one month: don't worry, I'm still alive and I'm back to write about my experiences with the CreaTe programme. It's just that, since writing for this blog is not required anymore, for the course "We Create Identity" has ended, other tasks have taken priority over posting here. But because I think it is still valuable to update this blog once in a while, both for myself as well as for other people interested in the CreaTe programme, I will start doing so once again.

So, what have I been up to for the last couple of weeks?
Most importantly, we have gotten yet another timetable. The course "Web Technology" has ended, "Programming for CreaTe" has become more hardware-oriented (it is now about programming for the Arduino board instead of designing graphical applications, although we still use Processing), we are now producing a screensaver for "Motion & Modelling" instead of learning about mathematics, and last but not least, we have a new course: "Sketching for CreaTe".

In this course we practice sketching in perspective, and learn various techniques to get skilled in drawing and toning shapes. After we have successfully mastered these abilities, we will be able to use them in the development stage of products: in the end you can use sketching skills to test product designs on paper, before picking one and putting it into production.

In the meantime I have also been working on improvements for my portfolio website, but most of these are "behind the scenes": I'm working on a page where I can view all existing articles, edit them, and post new ones. For now I'm using phpMyAdmin to edit my articles (they are in a MySQL database), but this is far from efficient, so that is why I am creating a custom page.

Next week, I will update you on the screensaver project (the presentation of the final product is on Tuesday) and I hope I will finish improving my portfolio as well, so expect to read about the changes to it shortly. For now, have a nice weekend, and here is some funky music to start it off properly:

Tower of Power - Credit

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