Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Move the cursor to the right...

I don't feel like explaining yet another Technodrama today, so I'm going to keep this post short.

Today we took our first look at Operating Systems with Introduction to Computer Science. We did this by acting out two Technodrama's.

In the first Technodrama, the actors were asked to move the cursor across the screen by moving the mouse. In the first take of the Technodrama we had a user, the cursor display and the mouse, but in the end we had established that the mouse needs a mouse driver to translate its movement into relative coordinates, which the cursor display can than use to position the cursor.

In the second Technodrama, the actors were asked to click the icon that had been selected in the first Technodrama. This assignment proved to be pretty difficult, as we couldn't agree on how this should happen. We ended up with a cursor display, a window manager, and the actual application that will launch when the icon has been clicked.

At the end of the lesson we had to break down both these Technodrama's in steps, telling which instrument performs what action in each process. You can see my version here.

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